Cyber Security

Your organization is connected to the entire world, which is incredibly powerful, but leaves you vulnerable




Of all security breaches are due to human error.


Of all small businesses that are victims of a cyber attack go out of business within 16 months.




Only 4%

Of all IT support providers offer a fully layered cyber security solution.

Partnering with your team over the past years has helped our organization achieve its technology initiatives, and cyber security goals. Our owner’s appreciate Imagine IT’s ability to communicate findings and recommendations in a plain language, that we understand.

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Reducing your cyber security risk

Reducing risk is an essential part of your overall business strategy. You mitigate risk by focusing on the “strategic” side of security. Cyber security is no longer just about trying to be bulletproof, it’s embracing cyber resilience and making it a strategic business concern.

Is your organization fully protected?

Surprisingly, most Managed Services Providers include a cyber security solution that only addresses the top 3-5 cyber security threats.


Check out the video to find the answer, and to understand what a fully-layered security solution includes.

Co Founder Marc miller speaking about how typical cybersecurity leaves you vulnerable

Cyber security is a business critical concern

Cyber attacks and breaches occur every single day. Most never make the news, but when they do, they’re usually about large well-known international corporations.

The fact is, organizations like yours are the most vulnerable target.

And as these threats become more sophisticated, it is critical to have a fully layered enterprise-level cyber security solution in place.


The Security Shield

The Security Shield utilizes a collection of cutting-edge security technologies and processes.

This collection of tools delivers enterprise-level protection for your employees, your data and all your digital assets.

Keep in mind, no one is bulletproof.  Because of that, we embrace cyber resilience which protects you before, during and after an incident.

The Security Shield Includes:

Recurring Protections

  • Intrusion detection system
  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Intrusion detection for O365
  • Botnet and advanced firewall
  • Web filtering
  • Email phishing campaign
  • Online security training
  • Compliance

Quarterly Verifications

  • External vulnerability scanning
  • Malware remediation
  • Breach response & remediation
  • PCI or other compliance

Performed As Needed

  • Malware remediation
  • Breach response & remediation
  • PCI or other compliance

Cyber threats we protect you from ...

  • Phishing
  • Ransomware
  • Malware
  • Internal Threats
  • Denial of Service
  • Password Attacks
  • Theft
  • Remote Worker Attacks
  • Cloud Jacking
  • The Dark Web
  • Downstream Breaches
  • Loss of Revenue
  • Spear Phishing
  • Trojans
  • Attacks on IOT Devices
  • Data Breaches
  • Zero Day Threats

A Move To Cyber Resilience

You are not bulletproof!

There is a new way of looking at cyber security. Be prepared … not bulletproof!

Cyber resilience relies on your ability to anticipate, identify, detect, protect respond, and recover quickly from a cyber event.

Why cyber resilience?

Because traditional security measures are just not enough.  It is essential because it enhances your security, reduces financial loss, enhances your culture and protects your reputation.

It isn’t a matter of if hackers will get in, it is a matter of when!

Today, it’s as critical for you to be able to respond and recover from security breaches, as it is to be able to prevent them.

Cyber resilience is perimeter protection, back up and business continuity all in one.


A pinwheel graph showing the 6 parts of Cyber Resilience

How much does The Security Shield cost?

The Security Shield is part of our all-inclusive Managed IT Services

Cost: $20-$35/user per month

Note: Depending upon your current security position, there will be some onboarding and deployment costs to install The Security Shield.

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A Cyber Security Self-Assessment

For Executives

As technology evolves and you become more connected, cyber threats continue to grow in sophistication and complexity.

As cyber threats become mission-critical, they require the attention of Executives and their leaders.

This self-assessment will …

  • Give you the current degree of your risk
  • Ensure  risk metrics are meaningful
  • Maintain situational awareness of all threats


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For IT Teams

Most organizations have a variety of platforms, cloud connections, and IT infrastructures. In addition, cyber security exposures may not be discovered without an assessment.

A self-assessment tool is an objective lens from which to  engage in critical conversations with your leadership.

Assessing your risk is the first step in protecting your organization.



Start Your IT and Technology Security Self-Assessment Here

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