The Great Resignation: 4 Ways Small to Mid-Sized Companies Can Attract and Retain Talent

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No matter what you call it, the “Big Reshuffle, “The Great Resignation,” or “The Great Reset,” it’s clear that organizations big and small are having to get creative when trying to attract and retain talent.

The pandemic has prompted a dramatic workplace shift that includes working from home, a hybrid workforce, and a desperate need for remote collaboration technology.

One of the most remarkable things in this “new normal” is employees’ changing attitudes and mindsets. As a result, many have reevaluated their jobs, and a much bigger percentage than ever before are quitting.


The Great Resignation is real

The number of people leaving their jobs hit a record high in 2021. As a result, the dynamics between employers and employees have completely shifted.

Employers no longer hold all the cards, and owners and managers of small to medium-sized organizations in every industry are challenged with attracting and retaining top talent.

For SMBs reassessing their talent needs in the next couple of years is critical. Here ere are some quick and easy strategies that may help.


1. Invest in employee development (Upskilling)

Your most successful employees respect and value being in a work environment where they are challenged and have a real chance for advancement and professional growth. As the job market becomes more and more competitive, it is critical that you offer your top people new opportunities to learn and grow.

In addition to offering employees fun and valuable resources for learning and development, it’s also vital to allow employees to use their new skills. One of the easiest ways to nurture this is to instill a value of “smart risk-taking.” It’s crucial for your team members to feel secure in proposing and working on new projects … even if there is a risk of failure.

When we celebrate both successes and failures, your people will be more comfortable utilizing their new skills, further improving your company’s bottom line.


2. Using Technology

A significant percentage of employees in the U.S. believe that their job is harder than it should be due to outdated processes and technology.

Over 60 million members of Gen Z have joined the workforce. But, unfortunately, as your company tries to recruit them, outdated technologies will be one of the biggest reasons they either don’t join you or leave for another position.

Current technology is critical in attracting and retaining Gen Zers and other top talent in every generation. Streamlining work and providing the most innovative technologies available is the only way you attract and retain this new generation of workers.

As the great resignation continues and the workforce demands a great technology experience, companies that ignore tech tools in the workplace does so at great risk.


3. Rewarding employees when the company grows

Especially with small to medium-sized businesses, employees value being rewarded as your company expands and grows. SMB organizations should make equity a part of each person’s employment package. And, as employees develop, it’s important to give them chances to earn additional equity.

It’s also necessary for you to set clear expectations for employees about the future and how those plans could increase their equity and value to the organization.


4. Rewards should be more than monetary

Many SMBs fail to recognize employees for exceptional performance, even though a large percentage of employees have identified a lack of recognition among their peers as one of the main reasons they left.

With the SMB workplace changing dramatically because of the pandemic, recognizing employees for their contributions has become even more critical.

What’s worked well for the leadership at Imagine IT is their dedication to celebrating our team’s work daily, weekly, and monthly at our all-hands meetings. Additionally, at Imagine IT, our team is encouraged to recognize the contributions of their co-workers in a companywide Motivosity Channel.

We make a point to call out significant accomplishments and work anniversaries when they happen and at our monthly meetings. Our managers and leadership provide recognition as a core part of their responsibilities.


Attract and retain talent with your strengths

Small businesses should play by their own set of rules in order to be successful.

Small businesses can compete for top talent with their bigger enterprise competitors … as long as they’re willing to put their employees’ needs first.

Smaller businesses have much more intimate and flexible work environments, which is attractive to all walks of life.

It’s time to use your small business strengths to attract and retain top people by …

  • Offering a flexible work environment and schedule.
  • Provide opportunities for advancement that align with your employees’ strengths.
  • Creating a positive work culture that fosters a tight-knit team of passionate employees.
  • Respect and care for your employees



Hiring and retaining top talent at small to mid-sized organizations is always challenging.

But if you follow these three tips and embrace and invest in the proper technology, you will continue to attract and retain top talent at your organization.

The Great Resignation may be real, but you can reduce your chance of losing your best people if you treat them with respect, and understand they have the same needs, hopes, and desires as you do. At Imagine IT, we understand that our people come first if we want to reach our goals of offering our partners the best technology experience they’ve ever experienced.

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