Managed Cyber Security

Introducing The Security Shield: A Zero-Trust cyber security solution created for small to mid-sized organization.

Our Security Shield, is a fully layered cyber security solution that protects you before, during, and after a security event.

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What does effective cyber security look like?


It begins with a clear cyber security strategy

Cyber security threats are one of the biggest risks companies now face.

Effective cyber security begins with one simple recognition. That as a small to mid-sized organization, you are now a real target for cybercriminals and hackers.

This understanding should drive your strategy.

Your cyber security strategy begins in the boardroom, and ends with training and educating your entire team.

A successful cyber security strategy is a living, breathing plan. It must rely on the right tools and processes to identify, detect, protect, respond and recover when necessary.

Cyber Security starts in the boardroom

A Zero-trust/NIST compliant
managed cyber security solution


An enterprise-grade, fully layered cyber security service

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is a widely accepted and proven cybersecurity authority

The 5 Pillars of NIST include:
A strong cyber security posture is a competitive advantage

Avoid the “wish list” approach to cyber security

The “wish list” approach is used by most IT service companies, and puts your organization in a vulnerable spot.

It works like this: Your IT or security provider identifies all of your cyber threats, That list will include 10-15+ items that need to be secured.
Then, with your buy-in, the IT company picks the top 3-7 threats out of that list and addresses those. 

They put the remaining threats on a “wish list” for you to deal with over the next months and years. 

This is a highly risky approach, and one we believe places you in a vulnerable situation, leaving you open to an attack and a breach.

Our Security Shield addresses the entire Cyber-Security list and is part of our monthly Managed IT Service

“What it's like working with the Imagine IT Team ”

“Our firm had really outgrown our previous IT solution, and we were looking for a change. Imagine IT streamlined our operations by moving mission-critical parts of our network into the cloud. Now, everyone on our team can easily access the files they need, at any time, and from anywhere in the world.”
Chris Kelly
CEO of Asset HR

Our Security Shield

The Security Shield is a combination of enterprise-grade technologies, Ai, breached device isolation and threat hunting and includes recurring scans and frequent user training.

The Security Shield is fully-layered and includes:

The Security Shield is designed around the “Zero-Trust” and the 5 pillars of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework:

"Identify" "Protect" "Detect" "Respond" "Recover"

In short, we will lock it down, train your users, monitor for breaches, and continually improve your cybersecurity posture.
The Security Shield is part of our monthly Managed IT Services

Meet Our Imagine IT Team

Our Security Team is led and managed by Peter Durand (CISO)

Peter is the Founder of Imagine IT and has over 30 years of experience in cybersecurity IT, networking, storage, backups, and cloud computing.
And he now almost solely focuses on cybersecurity thought leadership and strategy.
With the help of the Imagine IT Security Operations team and his connection with industry thought leaders and the NIST Cyber Security Framework.
Peter developed the Security Shield, one of the nation’s most comprehensive business cybersecurity program – one that gets stronger every year via a continual reassessment process.

How much does effective cybersecurity cost?

One important distinction to understand is that most IT Providers do not include cyber security in their monthly fees, it is usually an add-on expense.

And that add on fee scenario is one of the main causes of the “wish list” approach to cyber security.

The wish list approach is when the IT provider identifies 15+  threats, and addresses only the top 5 and puts the rest on a wish list. 

Not a good cybersecurity position to be in.
At Imagine IT, we look at cyber security as a critical business strategy. And we include it as a necessary part of our monthly IT services fee.
If we broke out the cybersecurity costs, it would look like this:
$20-$35/user per month
Note: Depending upon your current security position, there will be some onboarding and deployment costs to install The Security Shield.

As a smaller business, I’m not much of a target. Why should I be concerned?

Unfortunately, that is what so many small to mid-sized organizations still believe.

This is the furthest thing from the truth!
One in three breaches involves small to mid-sized businesses.
Your business could be one mouse click away from a breach

The Security Shield vs. traditional IT Provider Cyber-security

Why do we require The Security Shield when traditional IT providers don’t?

Cyber Security is not easy to do right … but a Managed IT Services Provider that makes it part of their services has the right idea.

How much should we spend on cyber security?

There are many things that influence how you build your cybersecurity budget. Including:

Most cyber security experts say you should spend 10% – 20% of your IT budget to protect your organization. Even though the average business pays less than 5%.

At Imagine IT, we understand the budget issues as we work with hundreds of small to mid-sized organizations in every industry. To compete, you now must be a digital-first organization. And all of those digital assets and devices are connected … giving the bad guys a lot of ways to get in.

It’s much cheaper to prevent breaches than to repair the damage afterwards

How safe are your customers, employees and your organization?

In this digital economy, cyber security is now a competitive advantage. And the companies and organizations that don’t take this serious will lose customers, market share, even close shop. Small to mid-sized organizations must demonstrate to their customers, vendors and stakeholders, that they have the proper cyber security practices in place. Especially with so many remote workers and hybrid offices. Cybersecurity is now a huge competitive advantage … where do you stand?

Make cybersecurity a customer-first, boardroom initiative

Chat with one of our cyber security experts

Whether you are ready to make a change or just kicking the tires

Find out what a fully layered cyber security solution designed
for small to medium-sized organizations looks like.

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