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Employee Success Program Manager

Chrystal joined Imagine IT in 2014 with an AAS in Accounting and 5 years of accounting experience at a life insurance company. She spent 7 years as the Bookkeeper at Imagine IT, but now her primary focus is that of Happiness Cultural Ambassador!  Not only does she hold coaching sessions with our employees helping them find greater happiness both professionally and personally, she also leads the committees for company events as well as the newly developed wellness committee that focuses more on mental health/wellness activities.  In addition to all of that she is part of our employee onboarding experience team,  enlightening our new employees to our culture.  Plus in her spare time, she continues to do payroll for the finance team.  Once a bean counter, always a bean counter.

When not at work, Chrystal likes to disconnect by going for walks, enjoying bonfires, attending craft classes with girlfriends and spending time with her family.