Speed Bumps

At a recent All-Hands meeting, the CEO at Google (Sundar Pichai) asked his team 3 very thought-provoking questions.  Businesses within Google are struggling and, in an effort to jump start business, the CEO reached out to his entire team for help.  This act in itself is super cool, and the questions are pretty cool too.  They are:

  • What would help you work with greater clarity and efficiency to serve our users and customers?
  • Where should we remove speed bumps to get to better results faster?
  • How do we eliminate waste and stay entrepreneurial and focused as we grow?

These questions are not critical of any person or department, and they also represent something called the IKEA effect – which means that when people have the sense that they are helping build something, they are more excited about it, take more pride in it and feel a greater sense of accomplishment when it is completed.  This IKEA effect applies to all of us – at work and at home.

Where Are Your Organization’s Speed Bumps?

All 3 of these questions are great, but I’d like to focus on the 2nd one.  This is such a great question for each and every person in your organization to ask … and attempt to answer.  Without your team asking this question, these “speed bumps” will NEVER GO AWAY!

The first step in removing any speed bumps in an organization is to identify them.  Once they are identified, time and resources can be dedicated to them to find a path for their removal.

Today, there is incredible power available to small and mid-sized businesses.  This (technology) power was not available just a few years ago … but is available to all businesses today regardless of size.  The Office 365 platform alone has thousands of extremely powerful apps and add-ins that have been developed to remove speed bumps.  Most businesses today own and use Office 365.  Unfortunately, most of these same businesses ARE NOT using all of the incredible applications available within the platform.

Encourage EVERYONE in your organization to be a Speed Bump Hunter.  Find them.  Talk about them … and develop a plan to remove them.

At Imagine IT, our Bx Team (Business Transformation Team) has developed some amazing processes to help identify speed bumps … and we have also developed the processes to help identify technologies that can remove the speed bumps.  Engage our Bx Team if you would like some help hunting down and removing your speed bumps!