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Who are we?

Founded in 1996, Imagine IT is a Regional Security Service Provider firm in Sterling, KS offering end-to-end businesses protection from cybersecurity threats. We also provide value-driven technology solutions for small and mid-size companies.
Imagine IT’s competencies include:
Our clients appreciate the high technical expertise that allows these businesses to utilize technology to improve organizational efficiency and profitability.
We understand business and technology. Therefore we put our partner’s tactical and strategic goals first. Every moment lost to technology problems is a missed opportunity for their development.
When technology thrives and works as it should – an organization also thrives. Our partners are a vital part of our communities, and their technology infrastructure is critical in keeping their products and services consistent and reliable.


Our vision is to deliver professional and expert value to our clients by providing the technology and IT management solutions they require to run the business efficiently at a much lower cost.
We value long-term associations and support our partners in reaching their business goals.

Why choose us?

Today’s world of rapidly transforming technology creates unique and critical business challenges for every organization.

At Imagine IT, we help make things simpler. Our technology advisors provide complete business IT and cyber security solutions. Our IT help desk services are customized to fit your business needs. We assist you in making complex technology decisions for your organization, so you don’t have to.

What do we do?

Your mission is our starting point. We dig deep into your company, goals, and industry and find technology solutions to fit your vision.

Our experience and focus on technology strategies give us a distinctive perspective that other providers in Sterling, KS, may not offer. 

Imagine IT provides:

Technology Services We Provide At Imagine IT, Sterling, KS

Managed IT Services In Sterling, KS

Imagine IT’s Managed IT Services are designed for companies who want to be free from the responsibility of managing their technology. Organizing an entire IT team requires money, time, and expertise.
Unfortunately, most organizations struggle to run a complete IT infrastructure as they lack the right skills and resources. Imagine IT services are available based on your budget and financial capabilities in Sterling, KS.
We operate our client’s Information technology toward a predictable result allowing them to be experts at their business, apart from managing technology. Not only does it allow them to save time and money, but it also helps them yield better results.

Cyber Security Solutions in Sterling, KS

Imagine IT is one of the leading technology services for nonprofit organizations. We are uniquely qualified to provide technical support for your organization.

Cybersecurity is a hot topic these days, and it’s imperative to protect your company from cyberattacks.
Imagine IT in Bloomington, MN, offers The Security Shield, a combination of enterprise-level technology, threat protection, multi-factor authentication, password management, email protection, and complete cyber security training for your team.
The Security Shield is a fully layered system built on the Zero-trust model. In short, we lock everything down, train your people, monitor for cyber breaches, and continually improve your security posture.


Digital and Business Transformation

Our team works diligently with each nonprofit client to ensure they have the resources and know-how to make the best technology decisions.Imagine IT will help you identify and leverage emerging digital technologies to improve customer experience, boost profitability, and help grow your organization.

Why does business transformation play such a big part in your organization’s success? “Business Transformation” is a term we use to go along with “Digital Transformation.” It all comes down to helping you leverage technology to be successful.
Technology is never transformational by itself. To digitally transform, you need to have metrics in place to track the return on investment of your technology. choices. Creating these important metrics will allow you to use technology to stay ahead in your industry.


Managed IT and Cybersecurity Services for Manufacturing In Sterling, KS

Our IT services for manufacturing ensure that you have the technical guidance and support you need to move your business forward.
Our IT services for manufacturing include-

Managed IT Services for Healthcare IT Support In Sterling, KS

Most healthcare practices don’t have the time or patience to figure out how to integrate their technology. Most of them do not avoid technology disruptions and make mistakes with their IT that cost them time and money. Therefore to save time and money, Imagine IT help them with the following services:

Healthcare IT Specialists –

We specialize in helping healthcare practices manage their IT and technology by managing IT Services for Healthcare partners.

Reliable Technology Support –

We manage your technology tools and integrate your business by providing world-class support that helps you focus on your growing business.

Expert Guidance on the Best Options –

For your healthcare organization to grow and be profitable, we provide you with proper expert guidance on IT infrastructure.

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