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Technology is at the core of your organization, and you need support and guidance that leads to profitability and growth

Odds are that your technology isn’t performing the way you need it to. Partner with a Managed Service Provider that will  evolve with your organization and guide you through these challenging times.


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Why Is IT Support So Erratic?

In one word, CHAOS. Chaos is the results of a SUDDEN large volume of service tickets that hits all IT providers. This Chaos is the cause of slow and unacceptable response times. Surprisingly, very few IT Support and Managed Service Providers have a strategy in place to address it.

Introducing DEFCON

DEFCON is patterned after the military’s DEFCON system.

Our IT Support system includes a series of triggers that proactively alerts others on our team to join the service desk to immediately respond.

To learn the full story, check out the video.

Co Founder Marc Miller speaking about DEFCON, a system that provides consistent IT Support

With Imagine IT it's not just about having tech support that is always there when we need it. As the IT Director, I am more interested in having a technology partner that helps me with risk management, budgeting for new technology, and how to use our systems more efficiently. They have learned our business well and given me technology tools I couldn't access myself.

IT Director-Manufacturing

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Our Managed IT Support

Most IT providers include remote monitoring, a help desk, onsite service and some type of cyber security.

But, these things are pretty common to the top Managed Service Providers here in the Twin Cities.

The difference in our next generation IT Support includes:

  • DEFCON:  A systematic process that ensures quick IT responses.
  • Security Shield:  An enterprise-level cyber security solution.
  • ROI:  Measuring the return on investment of your technology.

Check out the video, to learn more.

Co Founder Marc Miller explaining what our IT support Services Include

The 4 key elements within our IT Support

1. Understanding Your Business

Along with fixing technology “fast and forever,” your IT provider needs to fully understand how your business operates.

This is why we begin with questions like:  How do you generate revenues? How do you manage expenses? And, what are the technologies that your customers demand?

2. Chaos: Controlling and Managing IT

Every IT support company gets hit by a large volume of unexpected service calls that need immediate attention.

Before hiring an IT support provider, knowing how they handle this “chaos” is crucial.  Do they have a documented solution?

We use a system called DEFCON to control that chaos.

3. Cyber Security

Unfortunately, many IT provider’s security solutions are inadequate, leaving many gaps in your protection.

Our solution, The Security Shield, is an enterprise-level, fully layered security solution that also embraces “cyber resilience.”

Cyber resilience includes full perimeter protection. In addition, it fully addresses cyber security before, during and after an incident.

4. Accountability

Accountability begins by knowing the return on investment (ROI) of all your technology.

Unfortunately, with most Managed Service Providers there is very little accountability for a technology project’s success or failure.

We mandate that technology projects are transformative, meaning ROI metrics are created and measured.

Our Core IT Support Services Includes:

  • 24/7 monitoring and maintenance
  • A process for clear communication (no geek speak)
  • The phone answered when you call
  • Resolving issues promptly
  • Employee training
  • A documented escalation process for challenging issues
  • The Security Shield
  • Technology road-mapping
  • Remote workforce management
  • Proven ROI for all projects
  • Digital Transformation Services
  • Cyber Resilience
  • HIPAA Compliance

Case Study

Healthcare solution: 200% ROI Annually

A mid-sized healthcare company in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN metro area provides unique mental health services.

They employ some of the most creative professionals in the field. Because of this, they have developed a great reputation in the Twin Cities … then COVID-19 hit!

The “new normal” meant that in-person visits were limited, forcing the company to pivot to online telemedicine. After some searching, they found an established telemedicine application they could trust.

In the end, even though the product worked well, and patients reacted positively to the online sessions, the solution was very, expensive and not a viable long-term option.

So they brought us in to help.


Read the full story …

Healthcare Case Study: A 201% ROI

How much does our IT Support cost?


Typical costs for Managed IT Services in the Twin Cities are between $75 -$175 per user per month.

Our costs are $110-$150  per user, (depending on Security Shield adoption).

Our Managed IT Services includes The Security Shield, an enterprise-level, cyber security platform.

Most IT providers do not include their cyber security services as part of their monthly service fees.

And honestly, if you don’t feel cyber security is critical, we might not be a good fit for you.

No long term contracts:  Month to month only

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