Technology touches every piece of your organization. Our next-gen IT support services are strategy-driven, follow a zero-trust cyber-security model, are remote enabled, and will help you fulfill your mission.

What makes IT and technology successful?

Our clients are creating some incredible products and services. And we couldn’t be prouder to guide and support them.

However, transforming their organizations is challenging, and transforming it digitally is even more difficult.

What does successful IT and technology transformation look like?

Next-generation IT Support focuses on business strategy first, and technology second.

Vetting Any IT support company
Evolution of IT, technology, and business strategy

What is the future of IT Support?

It’s the evolution of IT, technology, and business strategy

Next-gen IT includes these technologies;

However, you’ll notice that all of these focus on the technology itself, and not the value that the technology delivers, or the strategy behind them.

Yes, you need your technology to be fixed quickly, consistently, and correctly. But that is not enough!

Next-gen IT starts with strategy and focuses on customer expectations, increases sales and profits, attracts and retains top talent, manages your remote workforce, and helps you reach your goals.

It’s a critical factor in your success … and at Imagine IT we take that very seriously.

Fully-layered cyber security is
included in our Managed IT services

The “wish list” approach is used by most IT service companies, and puts your organization in a vulnerable spot.

"It takes 20 years to build your reputation … And only one cyber-attack/breach to ruin it.

– Peter Durand, Chief Technology Officer Imagine IT

Threats to your organization

New cyber threats are created daily

The Security Shield

Our Security Shield utilizes a collection of cutting-edge security technologies and processes.

This collection of tools delivers enterprise-level protection for your employees, your data and all your digital assets.

The Security Shield is designed around the Zero-Trust model and the 5 key areas of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Is included in our Managed Services

Cyber Resilience

It isn’t if hackers will get in, It’s when!

Managed Service Provider

Transparency, Trusted connections, and uncommonly friendly IT Support

Our Managed IT services focuses on your technology strategy and aligns our team of IT professionals with your company’s mission.

Our Next-Gen Managed IT Services Include:

Technology support and guidance to bring your visions to life

Our IT Services Team

Who we are, and why it is so important to your success

We are a group of IT and technology specialists, including technology strategists, cyber security experts, Office 365 experts, hardware and software specialists, virtual CIOs, business transformation experts 

… and all of the rest simply love technology.

Yes, we’re a bit passionate about technology, but our services team are people hand-selected, best of the best relationship-based technology professionals who are devoted to the people they serve.

Combines cutting-edge technology tools and solutions, uncommonly friendly support, and superior attention to detail. 

Our support teams focus on your success

Our clients are on a mission, and we are proud to support them

Managed IT


the reactive-based
break/fix model

Managed Services vs. Reactive-based IT


The break-fix IT model has been around for over 25 years and has played a vital role in supporting small to mid-sized organizations.

But those days are slowing disappearing 

The frequency at which new technologies emerge makes companies grapple with technology and makes the break-fix model no longer sustainable.

With a limited in-house IT department, most organizations don’t have the resources to keep up with new technologies, all the while trying to upgrade and maintain their on-premise systems.

Imagine IT has dedicated teams and experts who ensure you can leverage new technology to grow your company, and to help realize your visions.

Proactive, business strategy-focused IT support is key to managing, protecting, and helping you go to the next level

How much is a reactive-based IT and technology support really costing you?

How Much Do Managed IT Services Cost?

Typical costs for Managed IT Services are between $75 – $175 per user per month.
Our costs: $110-$150 per user

NOTE: Managed Service Providers offer many different kinds and levels of support. For example, most don’t include cyber security as part of their monthly fees … it’s an add-on. With our Managed IT Services, cyber security (The Shield) is included.

Answer these questions to help determine costs:

Control costs with a transparent and strategy-driven Managed IT Partner

Cost control

Is CyberSecurity included?

Yes, we are one of just a few Managed Service Providers that include cyber security as part of our monthly IT services.

Our Security Shield is an enterprise-grade, fully layered security solution, and it includes:

The Security Shield is designed around the “Zero-Trust” model and the 5 key areas of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework

Digital and business transformation Imagine IT

Don't be the last in your market to go digital

Some organizations are slow to act on technology… and it shows

But that doesn’t mean technology is always the answer. Our philosophy is and always will be; business first and technology second. Technology must enhance your mission and profitability.

The business climate in your industry has dramatically shifted

With everything being connected and with your customers demanding more and more digital solutions, it is critical to have a digital-first customer-facing strategy.

Technology touches every inch of your company, and your IT and technology provider is critical in helping you become a digital-first organization.

Will your current IT provider take you where you want to go?

Ready to talk about your technology needs?

Technology touches every part of your organization. Let’s talk
about how Imagine IT can help realize your vision.

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