Digital Transformation (Dx)

What was the ROI of your last technology project? Because, you can't improve what you don't measure

Technology is only transformational if it works. Our core services include Managed IT Support and Cyber Security. However, our digital transformation services are connected to everything we do, so you always know the ROI of your technology investments.


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 Transformation only happens when technology and people succeed

Our philosophy is, if you can’t measure it, don’t do it.  Technology is only transformational when it’s working and matches your strategies.  We’ll help you align technology with your goals and create metrics to measure it, helping you make better decisions.


Every IT and technology project should have a Dx component.

The term digital transformation (Dx), is being overused and over-hyped.  However, you can see real-world results when technology is managed and measured properly.

Learn what true transformation means, and how it is connected to every technology move you make.  Check out the video!

Co Founder Marc Miller speaking about why Every IT project should have a ROI Component

Imagine IT has helped us understand that although emerging technologies can have a big impact, those new technologies have no chance of being transformational unless we have metrics in place to measure them. Thanks, Imagine IT for being there when we need you but also assisting us with getting the most out of the technology we own.

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What is Digital Transformation (Dx)?

An alignment of technology and strategy

Digital transformation is an alignment of technology and your organization’s mission, vision, and financial goals.

Profitable things happen when your tools are aligned with your knowledge, insights, and strategies.



A way to measure if technology is working

Most technology projects are given a “pass,” and operate in isolation.

In addition, technology projects are approved without ever addressing their return on investment (ROI).

So the impact of the technology is never really known and impossible to quantify.  

Co Founder Marc Miller speaking about what is Digital Transformation

Where do you start with Digital Transformation? Begin by asking these 5 questions:

  1. What was the ROI target on our last IT project and did we achieve it?
  2. Are there any aspects of my business that are lagging behind our competitors?
  3. What operations consume a lot of time and could potentially be automated?
  4. Are there things in our strategic plans that could be technologically upgraded?
  5. What technology innovations will allow us to exceed our customer's expectations?

How Much Do Our Digital Transformation Services Cost?

There are many variables involved in any technology project

However, most industries are calling every technology project,”a digital transformation project.” And even though we disagree with this philosophy, let’s look at the cost of a single IT or technology project.

IT providers in the Twin Cities charge between $150 – $300/hr.

At Imagine IT, our technology project pricing is based on an hourly cost of $195/hr.

But please keep in mind,  pricing varies from project to project.  And the overall cost will be dependent on the skill level of the engineers used to complete the project and its complexity.

How To Create An Effective Digital Transformation Strategy

The cost of digital transformation projects vs. “normal” technology projects


We define a Dx project as “digitally transformative” if it aligns with your mission and financial goals.  And MUST have an ROI assigned to it as the project is being designed. 

There are two concepts at play here:

  1. The cost of the overall technology project (price).
  2. Total cost of ownership over the lifetime (TCOOL).

Keep in mind, the most important number is not necessarily the price.  The most important number is the TCOOL – the total cost of ownership over the lifetime.  Allowing you to put a real ROI number on the project so you can evaluate its success.


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