Cyber Security Alert: Roe vs. Wade

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Cybersecurity alert: Roe Vs. Wade

In a very emotional and far-reaching decision, the U.S. Supreme Court officially reversed Roe vs. Wade.  As we all watched, the emotions from both sides were clear to see. For many, this Supreme Court decision has triggered emotions that have been at rest for many years.  And it has triggered a serious cyber security alert.

Unfortunately, cybercriminals across the globe are very excited about the ruling.  They are not excited because they care the least about the ruling itself or what it means to people on both sides of this emotional issue across the United States … hackers are excited to see the passionate reactions from both sides of this issue.


Cybercriminals are using this story and those emotions to bait people

What cyber organizations do care about is the emotion that is tied up in this event. Hackers across the globe love the divisiveness of events like this.  Cybercriminals love to see social media platforms flooded with passionate posts from both sides of the aisle.

The more passion, the better.

The more divided, the better.

This emotion and the events surrounding an event like this form the perfect diversion and opportunity for cybercriminals.



Cybercriminals are always on the lookout for diversions, they have used COVID-19. These criminals have used the war in Ukraine. Hackers will use any emotionally charged event to divert a user’s attention away from the link in an email … or the document attached to an email. They want the recipient to be focused on the topic and forget about the dangers that exist within emails or SMS messages or social media posts … hackers need the user to “click.”


Cybercriminals are already starting to use this emotion to GET USERS TO CLICK.

They are building email campaigns that encourage people to SUPPORT PRO-LIFE … and they are building the same campaigns to SUPPORT PRO-CHOICE.

Hackers don’t care one way or the other, but they are hoping to catch someone who does. Cybercriminals are hoping to catch someone who is emotionally distracted just long enough to CLICK. And then BOOM … this click leads to an infected website or leads to a leak of information which might just create a little opening to let the bad guys into your network.


Please continue to be vigilant

Please know that really bad people know how emotional this topic is across the U.S. They are clever and are creating websites and email campaigns, and text messaging strategies to use Roe vs. Wade to distract people … and get them to click.

Remind your co-workers and emind your friends. Also, remind your family members. Emails, text messages, and social media platforms will all use Roe vs. Wade as an entry point.

Be vigilant. Be safe.

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