Co-Managed IT Services

Supporting your IT Department

Is your IT department overworked and struggling to keep up with daily IT operational needs?
We don’t replace your IT team; we add another dimension of strategic planning, expertise, tech tools and personnel.

Why are so many internal IT departments turning to Co-Managed IT services?

Handling the complexity of today’s business technology, all while trying to stay ahead of emerging technologies and providing 24 X7 support can be challenging and even overwhelming.

To overcome these challenges, internal IT departments are now turning to Co-Managed IT Providers like Imagine IT
Our Co-Managed IT Services partners with your existing IT team to augment their capabilities and deliver improved outcomes for your organization.
Our Co-Managed approach is to establish a long-term partnership with your organization and your entire team.
We don’t replace them … we are a valuable extension

We can work with your IT team, or as your IT team on a fully managed basis.

Benefits of co-managed IT services

When an organization with internal IT resources looks at outsourcing certain functions of their IT operations to an MSP, it is typically a strategic move.

The benefits of co-managed IT services include:

Is it time to consider a co-Managed IT partner?

How could co-managed IT services fit into your organization?

We can work with your IT department in kind of a division of labor scenario. You might need someone to handle high skill capabilities like SQL server knowledge, cyber security management, or advanced network engineering.
Or you may clients need lower skill capabilities – maybe somebody who can handle help desk support or an experienced person who tackles very simple repetitive tasks like patch management, allowing your IT department to do more of the high skill support and training activity.
The challenges and expense of hiring IT personnel
Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense for you to hire more people, even though your company has technology needs that are growing quickly.

Instead of spending the time and money to hire and train more internal resources that get sick and need time off. Instead, you can offload some of your internal IT person responsibilities and pay a flat monthly bill for an IT partner

Do you have one IT person who …

Do you have an IT Team that …

If your IT guy or team is experiencing any of these, maybe it’s time to talk

The industries we serve…

Imagine IT is focused, yet flexible across many different industries. Our varied range of experiences means our IT management can benefit any organization, regardless of size and industry.

Even though we handle just about every industry, our top industries include:

Introducing: The Security Shield

An enterprise-level, fully layered cybersecurity

The Security Shield is a collection of next-gen security tools and processes.
This collection of cybersecurity tools provides enterprise-grade protection for your workers and your citizens.

The Shield is designed around the Zero-Trust model

In short, we will:

Leveraging our tools to help manage your remote workforce

Technology has radically transformed how and where people work

As your staff shifted to working from home, organizations were also hit hard. Here are a few examples of how technology can inspire your remote workforce

Imagine IT will help you leverage technology to inspire your team to excel from anywhere

Making a change to a true
co-managed IT partner is easy

We tailor our co-manage IT services to your exact needs

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