Digital Transformation (Dx)

Business strategy first, then technology

Imagine IT will help you recognize and leverage next-gen digital technologies to improve customer experience, boost productivity, and increase profitability.

Digital Transformation

How does digital transformation (Dx)
have anything to do with your success?

Digital transformation how you can leverage emerging technology to match customer’s needs, improve productivity, become a digital-first organization, and stay relevant in your industry.

Transforming technology is really about the user experience, which
drives everything you do.

Embracing technology and a digital-first mindset is critical to your future

Digital Transformation

Technology is not transformational on its own. To digitally

transform, you need to track the ROI of your technology.


Creating metrics will truly allow you to leverage technology to compete and grow.

The concept of business, technology, the Internet and the network

At Imagine IT, every technology project has a Dx component

Our Business Transformation Services involve …

Our experience and focus on your technology results gives us a perspective most IT providers don’t have.

Transformation only happens when
people and technology succeed

And if you don’t measure it, how will you know it works?

At Imagine iT, we keep it simple. If you can’t measure it, don’t do it. Technology is only transformational when it’s working and matches your strategies. We’ll help you align technology with your goals and create metrics to measure it, helping you make better decisions.

It’s not just a faith in technology, it’s a belief in people

How much do Digital Transformation (Dx) services cost?

When it comes to investing in new technology, or upgrading systems already in place, the costs can be all over the place.

If you are a manufacturer, municipal government, an agriculture business, a non-profit, or in healthcare, your technology projects will be unique.

That being said, business and digital transformation projects are simply technology installations and upgrades to your current systems.

IT providers in the Twin Cities charge between $150 – $300/hr.

At Imagine IT, our technology project pricing is $195/hr.

The key to a successful Bx project begins with a high-level technology strategy session that we initiate. In this strategy session, we help you identify if this solution will be viable.

And more importantly, we add an ROI component so you can measure your results.

There must be a clear Return on Investment for every project

How much do Digital Transformation (Dx) services cost?

We've invested in the latest technology
before and have little to show for it

Return On Investment

Did you address these questions before you invested?

One of the biggest questions you need to ask is, “how are we going to measure it, so we know if it’s working.

You must have metrics set up before you implement any technology, and confirm that your IT Service can do that

How to avoid these 6 mistakes
when choosing your next technology

How to evaluate new tools and technologies?
Avoid these 6 mistakes:
Business strategy first, technology second

Don't be last in your industry to digitally transform

It has been an incredibly difficult few years for small to mid-sized organizations in every industry. And the repercussions have been enormous. With such a large percentage of employees working remotely, digital technologies have never been so critical.

But cutting costs and investing in or upgrading technologies can be difficult to justify … but often is a necessity for you to compete.

One critical question:

Is there a competitor that can embrace a new technology, and then dominate your industry or take significant market share?

Do you remember Blockbuster, Blackberry, or Myspace? Me neither!

Digital-first organizations will lead the pack

Ready to start your Dx journey

We can show you how a clear business transformation strategy will drive results and position you for the future.

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