Understanding Trojans

What is a Trojans Horse Virus

TROJANS: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE A Trojan virus may look harmless but can cause real damage by stealing sensitive data or spying on you. Whatever the intent of Trojan malware, it’s always malicious, and malware infiltration always occurs without the victim’s consent. Let us talk about a basic online scenario—you log onto your computer and detect […]

The Rise of Mobile Malware

Mobile Malware Attack 

How to secure your organization As the name suggests, mobile malware is a kind of malicious software exclusively designed to target mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, to gain access to sensitive user data. Worldwide mobile users are increasing exponentially, making these intelligent devices the dominant communication medium worldwide. A Statista report states 83.32% of […]

What Are Bot Attacks and How to Prevent Them

Bot attacks are increasingly targeting small to midsized organizations Are businesses winning the war against bot attacks? Over the past few years, the cyber risks associated with cyber crimes and hackers are increasing dramatically. New threats and attacks are happening daily. Many of these cybersecurity threats and attacks happen with the help of “bots.” This […]

The Colonial Pipeline Ransomware

The Colonial Pipeline Ransomware

Here’s a deeper look at one of the most Infamous ransomware attacks of all time The Colonial Pipeline Ransomware You may have heard of the infamous Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack that dominated headlines in May 2021. Let’s trace our steps back to the starting point to discover exciting details about this cyberattack that threatened the […]

What is a rootkit and how do you get rid of them?

What is a rootkit

Everything you need to know about rootkits and how to protect yourself A rootkit is not a virus. It’s not spyware, nor is it a Trojan. So then, what is it exactly? While being associated with malware, rootkits are not naturally malicious. However, their power to manipulate a computer’s operating system and provide remote users […]

What is Adware, how to detect, protect and remove

what is adware

Are you flooded with ads whenever you browse the web? Is your computer slow and shutdowns without any reason? If this is the case, there’s a high possibility that Adware has already started infecting your computer or mobile device. Here’s how you get infected with Adware. You go online with your trusted browser and see […]

What is Spyware, Types, how to remove and protect your organization

Spyware What it is, how to remove it, and how to protect your organization

Spyware is a universal term used to describe malicious software that hackers install on your computer or mobile device … without your consent and without you knowing it. Even though it may sound like something out of a James Bond movie, this sneaky software has no entertainment value. Spyware is a unique type of ransomware […]

How to Prevent Phishing Attacks?

How to Prevent Phishing Attacks

How To Prevent Phishing attacks?   There has been a lot of press about cyber security breaches over the past couple of years. And the Pandemic has made things that much easier for hackers, as emotions run high. Cyber security is a real and serious concern for small to mid-sized organizations, and that concern is […]

Spear Phishing Attacks? Tactics, examples, and techniques

Spear Phishing Attacks

Keeping your small to midsized organization cyber secure is getting more challenging every year. And the hackers are no longer the kid wearing a hoodie in their parents’ basement. In their place, you’ll find a sophisticated network of companies, nation-states, and organized cyber-criminal organizations that employ full-time employees with one simple task … to break […]