Generative AI:
What CEOs & Leaders Should Know

Generative AI-2

Generative AI for Small to Midsized Organizations     As a leader, you’ve heard about generative AI, like ChatGPT and Claude for text generation and DALL-E for image generation. However, you may need clarification on its full capabilities and how it can benefit your organization. And how to separate hype from reality! This quick guide […]

How CEOs Can Strengthen
Their IT and Technology Strategies

CEO IT Strategy

Strengthening IT and Technology Strategies       Your IT strategy has an undeniable impact on your organization’s long-term success. As digital transformation (Dx) accelerates across every industry, CEOs must make strategic technology decisions that will impact their business for years to come. However, steering your organization towards effective IT strategies can be an uphill […]

The Biggest Mistakes CEOs Make with
IT and Technology Strategy

CEO IT Strategy Mistakes

A vision without a strategy remains an illusion     For CEOs and business leaders, overseeing IT and technology strategy is more critical than ever before. Your organization’s IT infrastructure and digital capabilities will either empower growth and efficiency or severely limit it. However, many CEOs, owners, and leaders of small and midsized organizations inadvertently […]

Leveraging IT for
Competitive Advantage

A CEO’s Guide

Leveraging IT

A CEO’s Guide To Leveraging IT and Technology     In the wake of an increasingly digital landscape, technology no longer remains isolated within your organization. Rather, it serves as a catalyst, driving innovation and efficiency. For a CEO, it must be a competitive advantage. The winning strategy in today’s digital battleground isn’t merely about […]

Cybersecurity Practices

Leading From The Front!

Cyber security: and digital signatures

The CEO’s Role In Cybersecurity     As the importance of digital continues to expand, and as everything becomes more and more interconnected.  The role of cybersecurity for CEOs and leaders has never been more critical. Cybersecurity is no longer a domain exclusive to IT departments but a boardroom imperative requiring an organization-wide cultural shift […]

The 7 Biggest Technology Mistakes
People Make When Working from Home
… or remotely

employees are the weakest cybersecurity link

  With a significant rise in remote work, small to midsize organizations face the challenge of effectively managing teams from afar. And because so many of their team are working remotely, there are some common technology mistakes they are making. Ensuring smooth operations in a virtual environment often requires adjusting strategies and overcoming technology hurdles […]

How to Protect Yourself From
Cyber-Attacks When Working Remotely

Cyber Security Attacks

Protecting your organization from a cyberattack … and getting breached     In today’s increasingly connected world, remote work is becoming the norm. Various factors, such as technological advancements and global events like the COVID-19 pandemic, have accelerated this shift.  And dramatically increased the number of cyberattacks. While remote work offers numerous benefits, it also […]