What are the costs of IT Support in the Minneapolis/St Paul metro area?

IT Support Costs In Minneapolis and St. Paul

What is the Cost of IT Support in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota? Of course, this depends on many factors, but generally, you can expect to pay between $69.00 to $150.00 per month per user. Most organizations choose to outsource their IT support to save money. However, there are many additional benefits to consider. For one, having […]

How Much Does Cybersecurity Cost For Small to Mid-Sized Businesses?

Cyber security costs

What should you invest in cybersecurity?   What is the cost of cyber security for small to mid-sized organizations? This is the question that many CEOs, owners, and managers of small businesses ask. But we are asking you to think about this is a different manner. Instead, the question should be; How much should we […]

Biggest Cybersecurity Mistakes Made By Small to Mid-sized Businesses

Biggest cyber security mistakes for SMBs

The Ultimate Guide       Every time you turn around in the news, you hear about some major company or Brand getting hacked or breached, including Uber, Volkswagen, Amazon, Toyota, Facebook, American Airlines, and North face. And this list is just a partial list; they all happened this year! Crazy, isn’t it? So, what […]

How To Protect Remote Workers From Cyber Threats

Protecting your remote workers

People love remote work … especially cyber-hackers   It is no secret that remote work is here to stay. In the past few years, a very large percentage of organizations have remote and hybrid workers. So, how do you keep your remote workers cyber-secure? How do you protect remote workers from cyber threats? One big […]

4 Microsoft 365 Apps You Could Be Missing … that you probably already own!

Microsoft 365 For Business

Top Microsoft 365 Apps   As a Managed IT Support and Cybersecurity organization comprising almost 100 team members in Minnesota and Kansas, communication and collaboration are absolutely critical to our success. When you add that to the rapid move to remote and hybrid work, the way we work and communicate has been completely transformed. Our […]

How to Protect Your Email from Being Hacked

Email cyber security

5 critical things you should do to protect your emails from being hacked Can opening an email cause a virus and a breach to your company? Is it safe to open Microsoft Office or Google files from a friend? Which files are safe to open, and which ones should never be clicked on? How do […]

Free and Public Wi-Fi is the Greatest Thing Ever … just ask any hacker!

The dangers of public Wi-Fi

    Should you ever use public Wi-Fi?     Is public WiFi secure? When you are traveling or working remotely., should you ever use public WiFi? At Imagine IT, we tell our partners this; Don’t ever use public Wi-Fi unless it is necessary. There are just too many advantages to cyber criminals and hackers […]

Vishing and Smishing

Vishing and Smishing Cyber security scams

Phishing attacks are one of the most effective ways to breach your company.  And they are evolving, changing, and growing increasingly sophisticated and complex. Smishing and vishing attacks are two relatively new types of phishing attacks, Although, they are becoming more and more popular, as they try to lure unsuspecting victims via SMS messages (Smishing), […]

Cyber Security Alert: Roe vs. Wade

Cyber security: The dangers of public Wi-Fi

Cybersecurity alert: Roe Vs. Wade In a very emotional and far-reaching decision, the U.S. Supreme Court officially reversed Roe vs. Wade.  As we all watched, the emotions from both sides were clear to see. For many, this Supreme Court decision has triggered emotions that have been at rest for many years.  And it has triggered a […]