About Us

Our Why Statement

“Together we create ripples of Happiness, by focusing on business first then technology"

The statement above is our “Why” statement. It is the reason why our team members get out of bed every morning to support our partners. Our culture is one that pursues happiness, and we extend this pursuit to our partners every day.

The world of technology is ever-evolving and changes each day. The “cyber hackers” are very clever and well funded, and are getting more skilled and organized in their attacks on small and large businesses.
We understand business, we know technology, and we put our partner’s goals – tactical and strategic – first. Every moment lost to technology trouble is a missed opportunity for their growth.
When technology thrives and operates as it should – an organization also thrives. Our partners are a vital part of our communities and the technology infrastructure that they use is critical in keeping the delivery of their products and services consistent and reliable.
We value long-term relationships and help our partners reach their business goals.