8 most common types of Malware Attacks and how to combat them

What are the 8 Most Common Types of Malware Attacks

Small to mid-sized organizations are now one of cyber-criminals biggest targets. Now, over half of all attacks are directed at smaller businesses. Cyber-attacks come in all shapes and sizes, with one goal, to steal your data or financial information. This information is often resold on the dark web. Learn more about the biggest threats of […]

Fileless Malware – Malware that hides in your system

Fileless Malware

As cybersecurity software evolves worldwide, so do the tricks and techniques used to carry out cyber-attacks. Malware can easily cause a tremendous amount of harm to your systems. The most appropriate example will be to compare it with catching a cold in winter that affects your entire body. Unfortunately, unlike the common cold, Malware can’t […]