The Great Resignation: 4 Ways Small to Mid-Sized Companies Can Attract and Retain Talent

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No matter what you call it, the “Big Reshuffle, “The Great Resignation,” or “The Great Reset,” it’s clear that organizations big and small are having to get creative when trying to attract and retain talent. The pandemic has prompted a dramatic workplace shift that includes working from home, a hybrid workforce, and a desperate need […]

Transitioning To A Digital-First World

Transitioning To A Digital-First World

All organizations and their people are figuring out how to live with this new digital-first world, which was accelerated by the Pandemic. Many wonder how they can prepare their business and themselves for this new environment. But in retrospect, we believe that this digital-first climate emerged far before the Pandemic ever hit. Over the past […]

How To Use Technology To Reduce Employee Burnout

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Employee burnout is happening more often in today’s business climate more than ever before. Why? Two main reasons. 2) A large percentage of employees are working from home. And the line between work and personal life is blurred when the office is just a few steps away from the kitchen. In addition, employees are often […]