IT and Technology Support, Guidance and Cyber-Security For Small To Mid-Sized Organizations


Our Clients are on a mission and are doing some incredible things.

And we are proud to support and guide them.  But to fulfill their missions, technology must always work, be cyber-secure, remote-enabled, and meet your ever-changing customer’s digital needs.


That is our mission.

To help you leverage technology to exceed your goals, now and in the future.

The 5 Key Components of Effective IT Support

1. You can't improve what you don't measure

Is your technology performing the way you expect it to? Is your current IT support team helping you measure your return on investment (ROI) now?  Technology must be strategic if you want to achieve the results you expect. Because at its best, technology enables you to create the products and services you’ve always imagined

2. Focusing on both the strategic and tactical sides of technology

To ensure that your technology works properly, most Managed Service Providers focus on the tactical side of technology. And that is important, but no longer enough. Focusing on the strategic side of technology ensures you have the right metrics in place to measure its effectiveness.

3. Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services and IT support has dramatically improved. But, unfortunately, many IT providers continue to operate with an outdated service model. Technology needs to be fixed quickly when it breaks; that is a given.

However, you also must ensure that you have the appropriate technology tools that match your company’s mission, like getting the most out of Office 365, including Teams and SharePoint.

Why is IT Support So Erratic?

4. Cyber Security

Cyber security is now a business-critical function. Your organization needs a fully layered-cyber security solution to protect your organization and your customers. But keep in mind, you will never be bulletproof, so incorporating a cyber resilience strategy is essential

The 6 Biggest Cyber Security Threats for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses in 2022

5. Technology Transformation (Digital)

What stage are you in regarding your organizations’ digital transformation strategy? Are you just starting on your Dx journey, did your company attempt to implement some digital initiatives with less than stellar results?   Or did your digital transformation efforts fail, and you are looking to reorganize knowing that embracing technology is essential for your survival?

How To Create An Effective Digital Transformation Strategy

Our Managed IT Services

IT Support

IT support is our foundational service within our overall Managed IT Services.  Ultimately, your technology (like the lights in your office) needs to work, all day, every day.  But, when it breaks, you need someone to fix it… and fix it fast. 

But why is IT support so erratic and why does it fail?  Here you’ll learn why and get insights into our DEFCON system.


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Cyber Security

Our Security Shield is an answer to the new age of cyber threats. The Security Shield is a collection of the most effective enterprise-level security tools available.

The Security Shield includes much more than the basic cyber defenses, like firewalls, antivirus, backup, and training.

Our security protocols also focus on cyber resilience, as you can’t just focus on being bulletproof, you need a system in place that manages your security before, during, and after an incidence.

Learn More About Our Cyber Security Services

Digital Transformation (Dx)

Emerging technologies are fundamentally changing how you serve your clients. Digital transformation is integrating your company’s mission, vision, and financial goals with your technology. 

However, these changes are ONLY transformational when they are directly tied to your organization’s financial goals. 

We believe every one of your technology projects needs to have a metric attached to it so you can measure its return on investment (ROI).

What was the ROI of your last technology project? 

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Is Imagine IT the right fit for you?

There are many IT Support and Managed Service Providers to  choose from.

Finding a provider isn’t the hard part … choosing the right one is.

If you are just starting your search, you could spend weeks filling out forms and interviewing IT providers.  On the surface, they all may look good, but you know they aren’t all a good fit.

We want to admit something …

We know we are not the best fit for every organization in the Twin Cities … and that’s ok.

There are 3 critical strategies we focus on:

  1. DEFCON:  Our system for getting things fixed fast and correctly.
  2. The Security Shield: Our enterprise-level cyber security solution.
  3. People: It’s not about technology, it’s about people!

If any of these three items are not important to you, then we may not be a great fit.

But, if you would like to learn more about us, and are not quite ready to talk, check out our website, you’ll get a good feel of how we approach the work.

Even better, check out our Learning Center for more technology insights


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