Managed IT Services & Cyber Security Solutions For
organizations Who Depend on technology

A reactive-based IT approach is not getting it done

As your organization becomes more dependent on emerging technologies, it is clear that your future relies on technology.  You need access to strategic IT expertise, quick-response technical support, and a fully layered cyber security solution.

Marc Miller Co-Founder, Imagine IT

IT & Technology are all about opportunity and risk

Marc gives a quick walk-through on why you can’t ignore either,  and how we work together to leverage technology to ensure your success.

We think differently - Imagine IT

Business First, Then Technology

Transforming digitally begins with your strategy


Your mission is our starting point.  We dig deep into your company, your goals, and your industry and find technology solutions to fit your vision.

You need a technology strategy that meets customers’ ever changing demands and helps you compete and grow.

Why we make cyber security a priority…

Battling cyber threats is a reality for every sized organization. With a dedicated in-house security team, the Security Shield, and our Zero-Trust cybersecurity philosophy, we’ll keep you, your employees and your customers safe, productive, and protected

Managed IT Services & Cyber Security Solutions For Your Industry

We advise and support small to mid-sized organizations in every industry, and have over 25 years of expertise in Managed IT services, IT support, cyber security and technology strategies.

Our experience and focus on technology strategies gives us a unique perspective other providers may not offer.

The Best Offense is a Good Defense

Stay Informed on Cybersecurity Attacks and Protect Your Business with Preventative Measures

How much is reactive-based IT Services and technology support really costing you?

How much is reactive-based IT Services and technology support really costing you?

Zero Trust

Protect your organization with zero trust cyber security

A security framework that requires all users to be authenticated, authorized and validated

Zero trust combines advanced technology like multi-factored authentication, next-generation endpoint security, and a fully robust cloud solution.

Zero Trust, NIST & The Security Shield

NIST is the National Institute of Standards and Technology and is the gold standard of cyber security and includes the Cybersecurity Framework (CSF).
The 5 pillars
The Security Shield

Cyber security is business-critical and must be fully addressed. At Imagine IT      we have built an enterprise-grade, fully layered cyber security solution named The Security Shield. And it is included in our Managed IT services platform.

"It takes 20+ years to build your reputation … And only one cyber-attack/breach to ruin it

– Peter Durand, Chief Security Officer & Founder of Imagine IT

What does next generation Managed IT services look like?

The break-fix reactive based IT model is obsolete.

The 5 key elements of next-gen IT support
What does next generation Managed IT services look like

Digital Transformation (Dx)

Are you investing in the right technology?

Your technology investments must be aligned with your business strategies, your opportunities, and also your threats. 

Technology alone delivers little or no value. 

It’s the combination of a clear strategy, the proper technology, the right people and reliable data that allows you to measure the ROI of your technology choices. 

Any weak link in this chain will lead to a situation where technology fails

Digital transformation (Dx) is a challenging term, and it means different things to different industries. At Imagine IT, we consider digital transformation to be Business Transformation (Bx). And Bx starts with your technology strategy and how it aligns with your overall mission.

Are you ready to transform your IT and technology?

With Imagine IT, you’ll receive next-gen IT support, enterprise-grade cyber-security, and business transformation solutions. 

However, our IT and technology support is built with one obsession at it’s core: Our clients are doing some incredible work, and their technology must first be strategic to achieve their missions. 

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